Who’s Who

I’ve changed all the names to help keep myself anonymous because as you will learn I’m still getting my story out to the people who know me the most (friends and family), so telling the world… well let’s just say I’m not brave enough to tell every soul.

Steve- Steve is the name of my molester. The boyfriend I had in high school for around year on and off with a month missing or so. He comes from a small house and a rough life. He was a year older than I was, and 120 lbs (to my 150). He was a wrestler at my school.

Sean- Sean is my ex boyfriend from two summers ago. He was the first real thing after Steve and I fell for Sean hard. We were only together for a summer but it was intense for the both of us. I told him I loved him and meant it, but all good things come to an end. He is still a large piece of my life and was the first boy I sorta told the story to. Sean is a year younger than me and extremely mature for his age.

Margie- Margie is my best best best friend. She is a quiet girl from my school. We completed each other though and she’s been there for me through a lot of things. Our ways of handling things isn’t exactly to cry it out over chick flicks, but to forget the S.O.B and head on out on an adventure. We both go to different colleges and still keep each other very close.

My Brother- My brother is my only brother and older than I am. He is going to school a few states away, but I still remain very close with him. He is my role model in more ways than one, and he’d laugh at me saying that, but he just doesnt reailze how much I look up to him.

My sister- My sister is my only sister and she is the oldest of the three of us. She majored in human sexuality and some others, so she was the very first person I actually told what happened to me. She also is my constant support over so many things, I have called her countless times balling and or just fuming mad. I love her.


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