Kicked Puppy

I told my best friend Margie that I had this problem.

“I feel like I have kicked puppy points. For the thing that happened to me. For my Past. For everything he did to me.”
Margie: “Let me get this straight you, the kicked puppy, think you have points for kicking puppies.”

How do you get rid of that feeling of being a bad person for letting what happened to me, happen to me. How does a kicked puppy not feel some type of… blame?



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One response to “Kicked Puppy

  1. A kicked puppy doesn’t feel blame, only confusing. You’re human, and we humans have annoyingly complicated minds when it comes to things like this. You need to give yourself some slack about this – you feel guilty, but you know in your mind that you’ve nothing to be guilty for, right? So you need to let your mind convince your heart to stop feeling guilty.

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