Today I was going through my room and I realized a lot of things. First off. I have a lot of crap. Secondly. I kept a lot of crap. Thirdly. Holy hell did I grow up.

My room was surrounded by things I wanted to be, and things that I tried to remind myself I had. There were quotes everywhere about believing in happiness and life. There was walls of motivation and pictures of people I barely keep in touch with. I tried for so long to act like I was fine that even my room is a reminder that I was not okay.

Therefore, I am taking everything down, my walls are bare. Bare and bright green. Well that’s a lie there are two things left on my wall an empty wipe off board I leave quotes on, and a quote on a canvas reading– I believe in love, in arguing, in jaming out by yourself in the car. I believe in smiling till your cheeks hurt, and laughing till you cry. I believe in having someone telling you you’re beautiful. Dancing in the rain, and miracles. I believe in second chances, even if you are completely stupid. And that’s all I have left that I think remotely is the new me.

Or maybe I’m just the old me, and I’m just happy with who the old me is. I have been through trails and tribulations. I have felt hurt, and a whole lot of it. I have gone through a lot of things alone and I am starting to go through more with support of people around me.

I grew up, and I’m so happy. With who I am. And with life.


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