Went to a Party Last Night

I don’t drink much, but NewGuy doesn’t really drink at all. I had to ask him if he minded me drinking, of which he found me a Bud Light and said “go for it.” I know my limits very well and only had three beers for being there about three hours. I was fine. Even still it was nice he didn’t go far, and that he offered me a beer.

Likewise I met more of his friends and everything out of their mouth was good things. They would tell me about the size of his heart, and just how great he was. I knew all of those things before they opened their mouth, but I could tell he was glad people took notice of all his hard work. He is a good man.

Like at any party though there was the one person who had too many and was going too far. After shaking my hand repeatedly and getting down to his boxers telling me his name was “Big Dick” I was flustered. It didn’t take but the second time for the boy to shake my hand until NewGuy got defensive and wrapped me around him, likewise KidWithTooMuchToDrink was pulled away by one of his friends, “Don’t mess with her alright? Go somewhere else.” And after he slunked away I was left. Safe. In the arms of NewGuy.

He probably didn’t even notice that I fell for him for the umteenth time the second he was protective over me. Who knows am I something worth being careful not to lose?


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  1. NewGuy sounds like he’s the real deal. A good guy. A nice boy. He definitely cares about you – and of COURSE you are something that is worth being protective of, that is worth holding onto!

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