Well that sucks

You see Steve had this thing with my ears it drove me insane, and he knew it. So he continuously and always played with them. It would drive my body to convulsions. I would flip shit. To this day I’m sorta weird about people playing with my ears. It’s just something I’d rather people not touch.

So I was laying with NewGuy and he of course plays with my ear. Which of course shoots images of Steve through my head. I flipped shit. Quietly. Trying not to ruin new guys image of me. I mean trust me when I say there are so many other girls he could have picked besides me and I bet they didn’t have as much baggage as I did.

“Hey can you turn down the music so I can talk about something that sucks”
“Whats up?”
*Heavy sigh and heart is freaking out* “Steve use to play with my ears. Just. If you do. Remind me it’s you?”
“You don’t want me to.”
“No. I just want you to remind me that its you.”
“Did you guys have a crazy song like we do.”
“No NewGuy, I had the songs I listened to because I couldn’t sleep.”
NewGuy reaches over and hugs me tight. For the first time in my life it was the exact reaction I needed. It was his compassion and care for me that made me cry.

I dont know why you’re so good to me, but I’ll do anything to keep it that way.


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