Someone once told me

The body needs interaction, that after being touch deprived for a while our body starts to freak out. Frankly mine was doing just fine, and I was the farthest thing from coddled. Then I went to Mexico, where everyone hugs. The kids lean on you, and then the people I met there (from my school) started hugging, and even now we still hug hello and goodbye.

My senses are having a feild day. Now my body is starting to freak out. It misses all of it. I can’t get enough of little hugs and touches. Sunday night was a bit of a hard one for me, I was writing poetry and it became a little too much to think about. I normally set my pillows up to lie to myself that someone is there. That night, it simply didn’t work. I was lying to myself and I knew it. All I wanted was to call up someone and tell them to never let go.

That and I’m getting sick so I just feel like shit anyway.


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