Mexico Part Three

Connections are meant to be made.

Dear Paco,

I will miss you, please remember me. *Insert tears here* The compassion you show these kids, and the love you have in your life is truely inspiring. Please hold on to that with an iron fist, don’t forget. May you forever be able to make kids smile, and warm the hearts of so many people around you.

Paco was just one of the men I met on this trip that showed me all the good people in this world. Good good people. Paco would have given those kids anything they asked for. Roul who worked in the farms loved those kids like they were they were his own and he wanted to watch them grow and learn.

These people give me faith in people. In the world. In my life.



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One response to “Mexico Part Three

  1. You made me a bit teary with this post… These are the types of people that make us see the world has some good in it as well as bad. These are the people worth striving for – kids like these who need hope and love in their lives.
    Perhaps you’ve found a niche or a calling for you in life!

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