Things I learned in Mexico Part One

I left for a mission trip to Mexico and since it was a mission trip at night we had “reflections” and these are what I found the most helpful to me. The trip consisted of seven girls, myself included, and one guy.

One night we talked about these kids and their lives. Many of them coming from abusive situations, poor homes, and unhealthy living conditions to say the least. I heard myself saying something like this…

“These kids are great kids. They are just kids. They have huge smiles and big hearts like every other kid. There is nothing about them that means they deserve this. It was just something they were handed it doesn’t say anything about who they are or the great things they can do. It’s just a bad thing that they couldn’t control.”

And it hit me. I didn’t deserve this, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get it, but I am just like everyone else. I don’t deserve it. It doesn’t make me a bad person. It doesn’t help explain who I am. I am a good person. With a big heart. And a genuine smile. I too like these kids are on recovery, but that doesn’t mean what happened to me was a personal vendetta to me- it was just mine to handle. I’ll live like these kids. With comfort, and contact.

More to come.



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One response to “Things I learned in Mexico Part One

  1. EXACTLY. The fact that something bad happened to you doesn’t mean you’re not a good person or that you’re destined to live a bad life. It means you dealt with something rotten, but you can lift yourself out of that place and you don’t have to let it dictate the rest of your life.
    That girl looks exactly like a friend of mine looked when we were that age – it’s creepy, she’s so similar!

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