Uncaging. Myself.

I have been broken down to a ratty journal, and a broken smile. That’s bullshit. Let me tell you who I am, and who I am from here on out.

I am creative. I’m the girl that can try to tell you everyone’s back story, by the way he looked at that girl in the eyes. I’m the girl who feels most free when she can wear something she can run in. I am a mother fucking hippie – that hasn’t smoked pot. I am a free spirit. I do not fit easily in this box nor that one. I am free. To be the person I am, and change the way I dress, act, talk, or look on a whim. Because it’s my body and you don’t own it. I am open minded, to everyone. I am accepting to a lot of the world. I am calm. I am alive. I am living life to the fullest.

What brought all this on? I just bought sunglasses and got a quick feeling of summer. It’s my life damnit. He doesn’t own it. You don’t own it. No one has the right to change it, but me. And today I’m telling you. I’m gonna be the person I am, and a whole lot more of the girl I’ve been holding back. She’s gonna roar.

And you will hear more about mexico, along with many other self discoveries. The second I get back (and catch up on sleep!!)


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  1. You go girl!!! That’s the spirit – take the summer sun and make yourself shine with it 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you brimming with confidence and adventure like this!

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