Has been good lately. So I haven’t been posting. Which is lame, because I’m not trying to prove everything in my life sucks, I’m trying to just write so here goes good things that are going on…

I leave for Mexico in a matter of hours! I’m going to help out an orphanage, and I’m really excited to go crazy with the “help the world” aspect of life. I’m really big on giving back and I am super super excited to have this experience.

Likewise, this trip is a mission trip so they try to let you explore your faith when your there (plus one for me and the jesus)

Oh and I’m buying some sweet crafts when I get there. Heck. Yes.

Classes are awesome I was super stressed out and I’m getting A’s in almost all my classes. (Okay two b’s I’m sorry but they are high and I want A’s super bad). It seems stupid, but in high school I was a slack off (I was lucky to even GO to my classes) and so I feel like I have things to prove here. And maybe my grades will be part of that.

I’m working on this creative writing piece and I’m hauling ass in it. That’s pretty much all I can say about that though because it’s real secretive.

Positives sumed up in one line: I am a hippie. I am adventurous. I am caring. I am productive. I am a beautiful spirit.



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3 responses to “Life

  1. thelittleredwriter

    You should write about your experience in Mexico when you return. That sounds interesting.

  2. Your trip to Mexico sounds amazing.

    And keep hauling ass on your creative writing piece!! Congrats!!

  3. Yes, you are. I agree with thelittleredwriter – you should definitely tell us about your experience in Mexico! It sounds like an incredible opportunity to give something to some people who need it.
    I’m glad things are looking up for you!

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