In the end…

I’m gonna make it though this find. I’m going to turn out stronger and I’m going to be happy with someone who loves me (if I chose so) either way My life is not defined by what happened to me. You can call me a “victim” you can say horrible things happened to me you can say it was unfair and essentially I am all of those things or they are in sense some truth. That doesn’t mean this is where my story ends, this just means this is my story right now.

I’m going to be an old woman with children. I’m going to chase after all of my dreams. I’m going to live life no matter what is in my past. Because even when I first started to relealize what happened to me and how much it affected me I realized that It’s gonna suck. I’m gonna hurt. I’m gonna cry. But. I’m going to be okay in the end. I’m going to remember who I am and what makes me happy.

PS The kid I was going to ask to the comedian didn’t show up all week for class.



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3 responses to “In the end…

  1. That’s exactly right. It’s true. It’s good you realize it. The fact that you’re hurting over things that happened doesn’t mean you have to become the victim again, doesn’t mean you need to live your life afraid of the dark because of some horrible experiences you had. You can and will be happy if only you can let yourself remember that!

  2. Grégoire

    I’m going to be okay in the end. I’m going to remember who I am and what makes me happy.

    If you go to revnost dot blogspot dot com you can read something interesting. It’s relevant here just because I reached the point that my own story doesn’t mean a hill o’ beans any more. It’s when I read stories like yours that I tend to get emotional, pissed off, or whathaveyou. I guess it depresses me to realize it’s all so dreadfully common, and that it’s still going on.

    In that respect you will be happy again, and you’ll reach the point where it doesn’t bother you any longer, yet it will. You’ll have a strange sort of empathy with anyone else who ever tells a similar story, and you’ll have to find a way to deal with being pissed off all over again.

    Sucks, but there you have it.

    Eventually I have to have faith that people and society will improve to the extent that everyone treats each other with a minimum level of respect and decency. Today is not that day, but I hope the day comes, someday…

  3. This is great.
    Perhaps it means that now you have some control over your fears and worries and the desire to survive (and not only that, but also to be happy), as by nature law “only the strong survive”, is stronger than the fears.

    I am glad for you.

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