You don’t know me that well

and you certainly don’t know me well enough to be grabbin’ on my belt loops. As it sounds I went to a party, cut myself off after the alcohol tasted like vomit and everyone else got way carried away. To top it off there was a lot of people there. A lot of guys, good looking guys. I’m really picky but I’m quick to see if you pass the immdieate judgements (IE- Can you carry me with out saying “Dear lord you definitely weigh 150 darlin'” orr Could you protect me from a ‘too touchy feely guy’ at a party, if you’re not willing to get mad at him I’m not willing to be with him) Therefore skinny guys are out and a lot of things are immediate give aways. I met this guy and he’s a friends roommate I’ve never met before right? Gets my name wrong, I correct him. Get’s my name wrong I tell him I can’t forgive him this time. Suddenly can’t keep his hands off me.

Not. Cool. You just learned my name you don’t know shit about me. What do you expect me to do? Go home with you repeating each sylable with you until you take off my clothes? No. I’m dancing downstairs in the shady basement and a good song comes on so everyone rushes downstairs and starts dancing it’s a good time. Until NewGuy decides to wrap his hands all around me and all up in my beltloops. What did you want me to do NewGuy? Turn around and shake my face close to yours till you kissed me. Is this really how people meet? Am I really this old school? I’m a college freshman I’m suppose to jump on that. Instead I polietly danced while trying to rip his hands from my belt loops. Grabbed a friends and chugged the rest “I’m not drunk enough for that.

Beltloops was not cute.



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2 responses to “You don’t know me that well

  1. Urgh. Yuck. Drunk boys are just NOT COOL.

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