Should I Give Up?

or should I keep chasing pavements? Today was a Debbie Downer day in sorts. I wondered why I am doing all of this? What makes me different from anyother Jill, Janice, or Debbie. There are so many other horrific stories out there who am I to think these few days of hell are to jail me forever? Am I holding the key by making this the deal or am I opening the door by facing them? I wonder if it was worth all the pain it’s caused, I wonder if I could ever watch the painful tears fall down my father’s face again. I wonder if I could forever protect my parents from all the bad that happens in my life, but isn’t family sharing all the times good and bad? Why then do I feel like the murder to someone’s happiness. I wonder if i have the strength to keep going, keep fighting.

I wonder if I’m so strong, then why am I so weak right now?


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One response to “Should I Give Up?

  1. Because you can’t always be strong, nor should you be. You’re allowed to collapse sometimes, you’re allowed to have your emotions break through – in fact, you might sometimes feel better or light if they do.
    Being strong is good for your day to day life, but it isn’t dealing with what you went through, and you do need to deal with it. So what if many women are victims? That doesn’t mean that what you went through wasn’t horrible for you and it doesn’t make what you went through unimportant!

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