I’ve talked about my flaws in past posts. How at time I feel like a dirty rag. Like I’ve said I’m going to counceling to try and get over a lot of these issues, but I can’t help notice other people’s same sadness with themselves. I want to walk up to so many women and say, “Your scarf is beautiful.” “Your smile is sweet.” “You look really nice in those pants.” It’s not that I’ am hitting on girls or that I am attracted to them (I’m still a man lover trust me) I just feel like there aren’t enough compliments in the world. I want more people to give them randomly. I want to tell someone they look beautiful and have them believe me. There is such beauty in so many women and perhaps it is because I can’t see my own that I see so many others. I vow to feel better about myself and who I am, but it is hard to see what is behind so much shit. So I offer you this secret from


Is beauty out there in the masses, no one just choses to see it let alone recognize it? I wonder can you tell that girl who comes to work dressed perfectly that she looks good today, or the girl who probably spent hours on her hair, tell her it’s perfect, then take the girl who is that disheveled beauty the one who only has to roll out of bed and wipe her eyes because it is her disheveled life that makes her beautiful, tell her.



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2 responses to “Beauty

  1. jessicacortez

    I totally understand where you are coming from. But I feel like it’s a start to something to that makes so many others feel great. That one person that you give a compliment, could be having an awful day, and you could have just made them feel a little better. I say who cares if they think if you are hitting on them. If you are truely being a nice, caring person, they will be able to tell. People will see that, and can also help you feel better as well. You never know 🙂

  2. Wow. A kindred spirit. THANK YOU. People don’t compliment enough. I have incredibly low self esteem, and I find that I sit on the bus and look at other women and find beauty in them, where other people might not always. I always try to tell my friends and my co-workers that I like their hair/makeup/clothes/whatever. Why not spread a little joy in the world sometimes?

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