Am I bitter?

I was talking to a teacher I had in high school and she recently left her cheating husband and she said “It’s made me bitter and that’s frustrating because I’m not a bitter person.” I couldn’t help but wonder, does it really make us bitter? The fact that this happened to me and all the bad there, does it make me bitter?

I don’t want to be bitter. I don’t want to have issues, but just wishing or ignoring them doesn’t make them go away. Facing them does, but I can’t help wonder if I have lost touch of who I was. Did I throw out the person I use to be just because I started going to counceling? Do I even remember the person I want to be? Is it possible to get over things major things, and still remain true to who you are? Or does it get lost in the tears, the pain, the sleepless nights. I know there is somethings I’ve let go, I know I’ve lost some patience with the world because I have to give myself so much, I know I’ve lost some trust over the years, but how much do I have to give up? Do I ever give it up?

I think I need to make a list of who I want to be, and just how I have remain that person.

Does what he did to me define me? Does it change me, Break me, or Make me?



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2 responses to “Am I bitter?

  1. Everything you undergo through life makes you who you are. The experiences you’ve undergone don’t necessarily need to affect your whole life – but you can’t deny they’re part of who you are right now and how you see the world right now. And that’s OK – it has to be OK, because the only way you’re going to heal from what you went through is by facing it, by learning to live with it, by slowly but surely letting the bad experiences fade to the background as you learn to accept and live with them.

  2. Very well said again… Everythin’ we encounter in life shapes us. The question is just how much…

    Is the change reversible? That’s a very good question.

    One thing I have learnt is that nobody can take away from you what you hold dear… Those skirts, or whatever… They can’t take them away from you. Only you can do that. They can try and take them away from you, but if you love something… You’ll just have to stand up for it, no matter what. For a stain on what you love, doesn’t make it something you hate. It really doesn’t.

    Don’t let the whole thing steal what you love from you. What you love is yours to own and to hold.

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