I have yet to tell my story from start to finish. Even now while I blog this I worry about telling a full story. Perhaps because I hid for three years about the situation and telling anyone. I’ve also hid because one of my good friends in high school well she’s pretty. Really pretty (she’s a legit model for pete’s sake) and to her the situation was just me “overreacting” and I’ve never really recovered from that I guess. In the back of my mind I always thought “Am I just over reacting?!”

I have researched the definition of “molestation”, “sexual assault” and any coined word in between, but what I think it narrows down to is “consent”. If there is no consent than there is a problem, isn’t that what it boils down to? I will admit that my situation is not as horrid as other, but is it fair for me to compare my situation to others? Is it fair for others to do the same to me? Am I by telling people making a large situation out of nothing? Does making me want to get better make me “dramatic?”

So you see getting help not only means admitting that this happened  to me, but it also means facing all of these questions in my life. How strong do you have to be to not only face the situation, but face the critics.

Is it this fair to ask our survivors to be not only strong enough to face their past, but the critics?!


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